Script Installation and Maintenance

Sometimes a script installation can be a little more than a webmaster wishes to deal with; sometimes configuration can just make you want to pull your hair out... And sometimes you can face a total configuration nightmare with various scripts...

Our tech's will install and configure your scripts for you for rather reasonable prices; generally the pricing varies from project to project but we like to keep things affordable for everyone as we know that no one is made out of money.

We will install just about any script (within reason), you can also always ask for a quote if your script isn't listed as one that we've had prior experiences with. We however cannot provide technical support (aside from a support package) on 3rd party scripts that we haven't had prior experience with.

UBB.Threads Services

• UBB.Threads Install - $125
• UBB.Threads Upgrade (After UBB.Threads v7.3) - $125
• UBB.Threads Upgrade (UBB.Threads v7-7.3) - $250 [1]
• UBB.Threads Upgrade (Pre UBB.Threads v7) - $Varies [2]
• UBB.Threads Upgrade (UBB.Classic v6.7+) - $Varies [3]
• UBB.Threads Styling - $65/hr
• UBB.Threads Development - $125/hr

Non-UBB.Threads Services

• Other PHP script Install - $Varies/hr
• Other PHP script Customization - $Varies/hr

Please note that that any fees do not include custom scripting, they simply include "tweaking" your webscripts to fit your needs. If you need a custom coding solution you will need to request a quote so that we can cater to the needs of the project.

Order UBB.Threads Services


[1] - UBB.Threads v7.3 was a major rewrite of the code base, as such there are many heartache's and issues that can arise that will require closer attention.
[2] - UBB.Threads v7 was a complete rewrite of core code and requires importing to the latest build, as such it requires close attention and a significant amount of time to perform an upgrade.
[3] - UBB.Classic imports to threads require an upgrade to the latest UBB.Classic build, an install of UBB.Threads, and an import of data which requires close attention and additional time.

Upgrades are allotted a one hour window to process (with the exception of imports (pre-7.x); as such, development time spent outside of the window will be billed in one hour blocks at the standard development rate.

Unless otherwise stated or requested, the general turnaround window is within 12-48 hours once services have been contracted.

Posted on September 4th, 2014 - Updated on May 19th, 2017
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