Security Notice

The only SECURE versions of UBB.threads are v7.5.10 and v7.6+ (see the UBB.threads Changelog Index at The UBB.Wiki Project); if you're running a previous version you will need to upgrade before you run into security issues. We offer both Upgrade and Disaster Recovery services.

Don't wait, a site or server cleanup of web space can take hours (sometimes days), to police your web space and all files for suspicious activity!

New Version Notice

We're proud to announce that we've worked extensively to produce a 7.6.0 build of UBB.threads that is available in the Members Area today! This new version introduces mobile capabiltity, optimizes a significant amount of code, and squashes some long standing bugs as well; you can check the full listing of changes on the UBB.threads v7.6.0 Changelog on UBBWiki.

You can follow our progress in the v7.6 series at the Official UBB.threads Announcements forum on UBBDev.

We offer upgrade services to get your site up and running with the latest code today!
UBB.threads v7.6.1 Information - Isaac and I are working on finalizing UBB.threads v7.6.1, and should hopefully have the code out within the next couple of weeks. Quite a bit has been tackled in this update, you can take a look at t…
Testimonial Submission Bug Fixed - We have fixed several bugs on our site management system today, one of which being a bug which would not allow users to Submit a Client Testimonial in our Client Testimonials system, which identified …
Site Code Update October 2016 - Several substantial updates have been made to the site base code, but it'll take some time to sync all of the existing features to the existing code; as such, there will be some severe display issues …

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