Development Services

Are you looking to add functionality to your website? Not only do we develop modifications for UBB.threads, we also provide private development services!

Basic Web Development Offerings

• Easy to follow coding: Future 3rd party developers should be able to read any scripts that we write without any major problems, readability is key in everything that is written.
• Flat File -or- MySQL Database Storage: Your project's data can be stored in flat files (generally .html documents) or in a MySQL database.
• HTML5: All of our projects from 2016+ will have HTML5 coding.
• PHP 5: We are well versed with HTML5 projects, and welcome yours!

Request a quote today!

Additional requests that are out of the scope of script development, such as modifying your site (Webmaster Services), are not a part of any quotes that we offer; our quotes for script development are quotes just for script development. If you're unable to make changes to your website yourself and would like us to do them for you there will be additional fees.

After your product has been completed, and the project order has been fulfilled, all related files for your project will be released. Once a project is finalized, any future development will be seen as additional maintenance outside of the original development order. We do not perpetually maintain developed products unless hired to do so.

Posted on October 26th, 2016 - Updated on November 25th, 2017
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