Webmaster Services

Every site needs a dedicated staff to keep operations running smoothly, but sometimes they need just a little advanced help now and again. We offer a wide range of webmaster duties for your sites that you just can't live without. We have packages that range from 2 hours and up, including emergency response at no additional costs.

Some basic webmaster duties include

• Minor changes to web design and site pages (does not include heavy design changes or web development; we offer these services separately)
• Content Facilitation - We are capable of researching a vast array of topics and populating data sections on your site.
• Directing users to proper resources or users.
• Analyzing Log and Resource - Finding missing pages and managing 301/302 redirects are just a small set of tasks we can preform.
• Future Planning - Providing you with constant input on enhancing your site and accessibility is critical in keeping your sites up to date!
• Accessibility - Keep your site and content available for your users regardless of their browser or any possible disabilities by keeping your site's html and css valid and ensuring Section 509 compliance.
• Search Engine Optimization - We'll work effectively and efficiently to ensure that your site is fully accessible to search engines, and help you to maintain sitemaps for your site content to feed updates directly to search engines.

All duties and requests will be handled in a timely manner (generally within the hour of request, within extended business hours).
Posted on September 3rd, 2014
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