On Site Support

Sometimes all we really need is someone there for us, to physically walk us through step by step on computer or script issues. We know first hand how difficult learning something new can be so we pride ourselves on knowing how it feels to just want to find some help... We now offer local support at your location and at our location (please see below for more details.

Our tech's can provide basic support and how-to's on many different scripts and software titles. Our prices can vary based on the project at hand, but our basic services are listed below. We bill by the hour in 30 minute increments; anything after the time-frame is rounded up.

Support Services

• Computer Tech Support
• Virus Removal
• Spyware Removal
• Computer Usage Tutelage (Office Suite, Windows XP, etc)*
• Computer Coding Tutelage (PHP, MySQL, (x)HTML, CSS)*

*Recommended at our location due to licensing, versioning, and system requirements.

Support Coverage Areas

• Our Location (Portland, OR)
• Your Location (Portland, OR Metro)
• Your Location (Outside of our coverage area)

On-Site support outside of the coverage areas will result in additional fees.
These fees will include Lodging, Food, and Transportation.

Posted on September 4th, 2014
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