UBB Theme Creation

We offer both Theme Creation services and several Prebuilt Themes for UBB.Threads v7 (and soon UBB.Threads v7.6.0) Forum Platform. We offer both "graphical" and "graphic-less" forum designs based on a color scheme that is of your choosing; we'll work with you to ensure that everything is setup to your approval before releasing the design to you.

We charge a modest fee of $65/hr for styling services; most themes are created within approximately 2-4 hours depending on complexity (we generally base all new themes off of the layout of our "Serene" theme set (you can see examples on our Prebuilt Themes page)). If you're interested in contracting services, please feel free to Contact Us anytime to get started.

The above price is for theme creation and minor tweaking; installation and theme exclusivity (dedicated use of all created work) are separate. Theme exclusivity includes exclusive use of any altered images, the image sets used to build the theme is not included as exclusive use as they're already themes that we offer.

Posted on September 4th, 2014 - Updated on October 25th, 2015
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