Migrations & Backups

Site and Server Migrations and Backups

Sometimes we all out-grow our present environments and need to re-locate to somewhere better to suit our needs; this is true in both real life and in the computer world. Our experts will backup your files and settings as well as upload them and re-configure them on your new location on your behalf; thus saving you days of work in both backing up settings, uploads, and re-configuration.

We will need the following information in order to provide a migration:
1. Present FTP server (old host or CD Backup)
2. New FTP Server (new host)
3. Precise instructions on various config files present (for re-configuration on the new host).
We can also provide backups of your site (cost of media and shipping included in price).

Backup Types

• Migration (Server to Server, includes moving files from old server to new server plus re-configuration of scripts to operate on the new server).
• Migration* (CD to Server, includes moving files from CD to new server plus re-configuration of scripts to operate on the new server; note that this will be faster as we don't have to download data which can take a few hours).
• Backup** (Server to CD on 650MB CD-R or 4.7GB DVD+RW), includes simply downloading files and burning them to CD/DVD and shipping.

* It is recommended that you mail a non-critical disk; if you wish your disk returned we will require return shipping charges at your expense.
** Each additional CD (650mb) is $5. Each additional DVD is $10.
Posted on September 3rd, 2014
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