Disaster Recovery Services

We're now offering disaster recovery services. By ordering recovery services we will:
• Police your web directory for any modified/new files and take any precautions to clean them.
• Patch or attempt to patch any affected files.
• Restore files to their original (stock) state (from either a backup, or original install files).
• Peruse log files as to locate information on how an attack happened and provide insight into stopping future problems.

If you're interested in these services please use the "Contact Us" page to the left and explain the issues you're having. Please provide any support forum links and possible links you feel will be helpful and we will reply with a quote. Please note that we will need FTP and SSH access to your site to do a thorough job, if you do not have SSH access it'll be more difficult to look for changed files (although not impossible). No guarantee is provided against future hacks that are out of our control.
Posted on September 3rd, 2014
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