Recommended Hosts

Where we cannot use every host out there, there are a few that we've worked closely with and some advice we can offer on the types of hosts out there.

What "Kind" of Hosts?

Well, yeah; there is "Standard" Virtual Hosting and "Business" Virtual Hosting; of which the former usually allows double if not more resources.

Outside of the standard Virtual Hosting there are Virtual Private Servers (VPS'), Semi Dedicated, and Dedicated Servers. These types of hosting guarantee you the resources that your site needs, and are commonly the next step up from Virtual Hosting.

Types of Provider

I've been working with the UBB.Threads software package since 1996, since then we've really experienced horrible issues with Domain Registries who're trying to become full fledged web hosts.

A good rule of thumb is that it takes years of experience to manage servers properly and where there may be GREAT Domain Registries out there, they're usually some of the worst web hosts with some of the strictest resources out there (of which you'll hit these resources pretty fast).

Who do You Use?

We personally use StableHost's VPS Services (CentOS VPS with no control panel (as we opt to use Webmin/Virtualmin/Usermin, which are free and faster than other control panels)).

Host Recommendations

Stable Host
Blue Host

EMail Hosting

For EMail hosting we exclusively recommend <a href="" target="_blank">G Suite</a> (Formerly Google Apps and Google for Business) due to GMail's world class spam filtering and server redundancy.


Regardless of the host that you choose we highly recommend that you look at the wide array of hosting reviews at Web Hosting Talk.
Posted on April 12th, 2017
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