Single Point of Contact

We've worked with many organizations over the years and if there is one thing we've learned is that things can really get confusing when there is no defined Point of Contact and we end up taking ideas up from numerous users. Where some users may find it "easier" to just pass information on, but for us to keep detailed records the juggling act can get quite out of control; which is why we would prefer that all communications that come to us from your organization come from one specific user, your Point of Contact, versus numerous users.

With a single Point of Contact we'd receive all input from one user who would be responsible for relaying and accumulating additional information, which will boost production time as we're not having to stop and check emails from numerous users (especially where information tends to overlap).

We thank you for your understanding, and hope to work with you soon!
Posted on April 14th, 2015 - Updated on July 29th, 2017


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