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UBB.threads v7.5.9+, and the v7.6 Series has been developed by The UBB.Developers Network (UBBDev), a subsidiary of VNC Web Services. By submitting this application you are digitally signing that you agree to the below notice(s).

As a UBB.threads Beta Tester you will have access to the private Official UBB.threads Development forum at UBBDev; this forum contains the pre-release software that you will be testing, as well as the latest full version of UBB.threads. If you would like to read our official public announcements, you may do so on the Official UBB.threads Announcements forum.

Beta testers are expected to have the nessessary skills to preform new installs, upgrades, and basic modifications to their UBB.threads installation. If you are uncomfortable with modifying the stock UBB.threads code, or installing/upgrading it as needed, then you should not apply to be a beta tester.

Where we strive to provide fully functional software, pre-release software should be considered incomplete and could be unstable. Please note that the discussions in private forums at UBBDev, and pre-release software, are private; discussing private details in public could result in your removal from the program.

Beta Tester Application



Beta testing the UBB.threads software title is an ongoing task, on software which has not yet been officially released. The beta phase follows the private "alpha" (site only testing) phase, but precedes the final build. Beta releases are only made available to the beta team, and are not released, nor should they be released, to the general public.

We release beta versions, or "snapshots" of UBB.threads in order to garner useful feedback before releasing the final builds for member release. You may provide feedback and discuss your experiences of beta builds at the "Official UBB.threads Development" forum at The UBB.Developers Network.

We release several beta versions per release, these are made available to the Beta Team in the development forum during the beta phase. Each version includes updates and bug fixes that have been made in response to user feedback. There is no publicly defined schedule for how long a beta phase may last, it could last several days to several months, depending on what is being added and how much feedback is being provided.

Since beta software is a pre-release version of the final application, it may be unstable or lack features that will be be included in the final release. Therefore, testers should use the software at their own risk; the level of support provided for beta releases may be limited. Be aware that if you choose to beta test new releases, that they may not function as expected.
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