[7.x] Stop Forum Spam Integration v0.3

This modification will allow you to check your users (via the "Edit User" function in the Control Panel) and new signups (via the "Registration Queue") against the Stop Forum Spam databases.

When a spammer is identified a Red/Bold ! will display next to the field, clicking this ! will allow you to view the associated data on Stop Forum Spam.

As of v0.3 we're assuming that you have an API key and you want to submit spam; you'll likely want to put your API key in (both) the language files (admin/public) when you upload them to your server.

- Valid UBB.Threads 7.0 install and license
- PHP5+, PHP4 is not supported.
- You will need an API Key from Stop Forum Spam.

v0.1 - Initial Build
v0.2 - Fixed an issue with users having 0 posts throwing an error in the CP on the Edit User screen.
v0.3 - Overhauled the addon making it a true modification with Language File support. Also added it so that users triggering the signup check will be automatically submitted to Stop Forum Spam.

CP - Edit User Page - What's whown on the edit user page.
CP - Registration Queue - What's shown on the registration queue page.
CP - Report Spam - Option to report a spammer to the database.
Public - Registration Detected - Registration page, detected a spammer based on their IP address or EMail address.

NOTE: StopForumSpam.com only allows 5k 10k 20k lookups per day; thus, you should refrain from attempting to implement this code on pages which would quickly hit this limit (such as adding searches for all types of data on the search users page).

API Key: Go here and sign up on their forums, then go here once logged in and generate a key for "yourdomain.tld". This API key needs to be added to both of the language files in the modification archive (one in the "english" folder, and its subfolder of "admin").

Download: here (This file is hosted on our server)
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Posted on April 10th, 2011 - Updated on May 26th, 2015


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