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Becoming a client of VNC Web Services is like starting an relationship; we generally provide ongoing services to all of our clients. The year listed by each site below is when we started our ongoing community relationship.

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UBB.Central - Starting 2015
UBB.Central is the home of the UBB.threads Bulletin Board (forum) platform, which was initially created by Madrona Park (DBA Infopop, DBA Groupee, DBA Hoop.la) and is now owned by UBBSystems.
Duprey/Murphy OB-GYN - Starting 2014
Dr. DuPrey and Dr. Murphy are a husband-and-wife team, dedicated to making a difference in client health.
mecz.pl - Starting 2014
mecz.pl is a Polish gambling site.
Amazing Charts - Starting 2013
Amazing Charts is a piece of medical health record software.
Busse Combat Knives - Starting 2013
The Busse Knife family includes Busse Combat Knife Company, Swamp Rat Knife Works, and Scrap Yard Knife Company.
Club Adventist - Starting 2012
Club Adventist is a World Wide Adventist Forum.
Luxury Cruise Talk - Starting 2012
Luxury Cruise Talk is a friendly place to post, ask questions, and learn from other passengers just like you about Luxury Cruise Travel and more!
Crownvic.net - Starting 2011
CrownVic.net is a forum and information center dedicated to the Ford Crown Victoria and its siblings: Mercury Grand Marquis, Mercury Marauder, and Lincoln Town Car.
Piano World - Starting 2011
Piano World is a vast resource for piano information.
terrengsykkel.no - Starting 2011
terrengsykkel.no is a Norwegian mountain biking site.
UBB.Wiki - Starting 2011
The UBB.Wiki service was created through a partnership between Gizmo/Gremelin (James, VNC Web Services) and Ruben (Ruben Rocha) with a goal of providing a single point of documentation for the UBB.threads forum platform.
MT Chat - Starting 2009
MT Chat is a Medical Terminology discussion forum.
Sniper's Hide - Starting 2009
Sniper's Hide is a community, brought together by the knowledge of the science and the appreciation of the art involved in long range shooting. Members consist of Doctors, Lawyers, Police Officers, as well as past and present member of our Armed Forc
The GoNix Initiative - Starting 2009
The GoNix Initiative was created in 2009 as a resource to aid new users to Unix and Linux in having a smooth transition by having a full featured software and solutions listing.
Divorce Busting - Starting 2008
The Divorce Busting site will help you learn how to solve marriage problems, stop divorce, improve marital relations, and save your marriage with expert advice from Michele Weiner-Davis.
JrDrags - Starting 2008
JrDrags is a Drag Racing site for adolescents.
Online Rock - Starting 2008
OnlineRock is an online music community comprised of thousands of musicians, music professionals and die-hard music fans. Bands and musicians from around the globe use OnlineRock's tools and services to easily promote, distribute and sell their music
Snow Japan - Starting 2008
Snow Japan is a Japanese winter sports community and portal.
A Gardeners Forum - Starting 2007
A community portal for gardening help.
ADR Support - Starting 2007
ADR Support is a Artificial Disk Replacement support forum.
ADWOFF - Starting 2007
ADWOFF is a writing/books community.
Ambergriscaye - Starting 2007
Amgergis Caye is a Belize messsge board frequented by tourists, residents and businesses.
Called Strike Three - Starting 2007
Called Strike Three is an Amateur Baseball & Softball Message and Information Source.
GangsterBB.NET - Starting 2007
GangsterBB.NET is a Message Board for Mafia Movies More.
GliderCENTRAL - Starting 2007
Glider Central is a community portal for users who own Glider's (a small marsupial).
Gothic Beauty - Starting 2007
Gothic Beauty features fashion, music interviews & reviews, entertainment & art, profiles, lifestyle articles and events. Independently published, Gothic Beauty has grown into America's largest Gothic magazine.
Red Cell Guild - Starting 2007
RedCell is a gaming guild.
Shorthand Classes - Starting 2007
SCC's Greenhorn Valley Shorthand website.
Cody Phifer & The Starlight Express - Starting 2006
Cody Phifer & The Starlight Express is a band from Texas.
Keepers of Realm - Starting 2006
The Keepers of Realm homepage was created for the gaming guild Keepers of Realm in the MMORPG (Major Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) The Realm Online.
RealmHQ - Starting 2006
RealmHQ was built as a game resource for users of the game The Realm Online (originally created by Sierra Games in 1995).
Corthell.net - Starting 2005
This is a family portal built for the Corthell Family.
The EveryDay Helper - Starting 2005
The EveryDay Helper was initially designed as a resource to aid users in landscaping design needs.
The Garden Helper - Starting 2005
The Garden Helper is a community portal which aids users in gardening.
Back of the NET - Starting 2004
Back of the NET is a Jr Soccer message board.
DCTalk Solo - Starting 2003
DCTalk Solo is a Fan site for the ever popular Christian band "DC Talk".
HostNuke - Starting 2003
HostNuke is a large WebHost that we've worked with in the past as an outsourced technical support provider.
Iced Reviews - Starting 2003
Established in December of 2002. Iced Reviews has extreme potential for its genre of site.
James' Homepage - Starting 2002
This is the homepage for the VNC Owner. Ever wonder what's actually in a genius' head? It could just weird you out He may looks sweet, but all these photo galleries of sunsets
Oregon Mortgages - Starting 2002
Oregon Mortgages is a mortgage loan representative from Portland, Oregon's homepage.
ProMod Networks - Starting 2002
The ProMod Network was established in 2001 to host numerous sites in the security community who's owners could not afford hosting or domain costs.
Required Reading for Newbies - Starting 2002
Required Reading for Newbies (RRFN) was established in 2001 as a competitive site for UGN Security in the ProMod Network. At its height, RRFN received approximately 50,000 unique visitors a month and had a popular Top Sites script which continuously
Wired Security - Starting 2002
Wired Security was established in 2002 as a news and personal site.
UGN Security - Starting 2001
UGN Security is a large internet security site which, as of February 2001 is owned by VNC Web Services.
UBB.Developers Network - Starting 2000
Though now currently owned and operated by VNC Web Services, The UBB.Developers Network was founded in 2000 as a 3rd party developer community for the UBB.Classic, UBB.threads, and UBB.Eve forum platforms. Through the community a lot of the, now stoc
VNC Web Services - Starting 2000
VNC Web Services was established in 1995 in Portland Oregon. Our first projects involved data entry of various restaurant menu's for local establishments for an online delivery service, creation and maintenance of sites for Spa Equipment Sales compan
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