Getting Started

So you're ready to get started on your project, great! We have a small list of what's needed to get things rolling.

Domain Names

First, you'll need a domain name; we offer our own in-house domain registry through our eNom reseller account (eNom is one of the industries largest domain registrars). Standard domain registrations directly through us cost $20/year and you get what you pay for, we offer eNom's full DNS server options (including DynamicDNS (their system supports SRV records and full support for Google Apps (SRV records are required for Jabber support through Google Apps). If you've already got a domain, we also offer domain transfer services to our eNom reseller account.


Next, you'll need hosting; where we don't offer hosting services, we have a listing here of web hosts that we can recommend. We personally use StableHost's VPS Services (CentOS VPS with no control panel (as we opt to use Usermin/Virtualmin/Webmin, which are free and faster than other control panels)).

Regardless of the host that you choose we highly recommend that you look at the wide array of hosting reviews at Web Hosting Talk.

Contact Us

Lastly, you'll need to Contact Us for a quote for your project!
Posted on September 1st, 2014
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