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About Our Non-Profit Designs

We're always looking for new organizations to affiliate ourselves with, from charities to churches, it never hurts to ask! If your organization can't afford a full scale site, or you can only afford the basic, come to us with your needs, and we'll work with you on your budget (limited or none) for a Non-Profit design!

This design is fully created from the ground up, like any other site, and includes the same attention to detail as any of our other designs, with a few differences.
1. The © and rights on all images, the design, and all code belongs to VNC Web Services (Purchase Rights are available at any time).
2. As the code and design belongs to VNC Web Services, we reserve the rights to re-use any portions on other projects.
3. You must keep the copyright and link to our site displaying in the footer of your site clearly visible (to the human eye) at all times (unless you've purchased full rights to the design).

We ask that your organization be a 501(c)(3) (Religious, Educational, Charitable, Scientific, Literary, Testing for Public Safety, to Foster National or International Amateur Sports Competition, or Prevention of Cruelty to Children or Animals Organizations).

Your organization is responsible for all Web Hosting and Domain Registration costs; we can provide recommendations of providers (including ourselves) for your organizations website.

How Do I Get Started?

You can submit a request for review by filling out our simple Contact Us page; after review we'll respond with a proposal for your organization.

You'll need to include the following:
1. Valid contact information; we do most of our communication via email, so it is critical that you provide proper and precise contact information.
2. How much your organization is looking to spend. We'll make every attempt to work around your available budget, however, large scale development vs potential profit vs available time will determine if we will take on your organizations project (please note that once we take on your project that we will provide constant support throughout the life of your sites continuing development).
3. Your organizations Full Name and Tax Deductibility Code.
Posted on September 1st, 2014
Request a Quote
Please feel free to Request a Quote at any time.

By requesting a quote you allow us to adjust pricing for your product on a per-project basis. Note that most of the prices on our pricing page are just our "common" pricing and can vary on a per project basis. It will also allow us to add any per project discounts where we see fit (non-profit organizations, affiliations, etc).

If your "type" of project isn't listed in our menu's to the left, please Request a Quote; we can do much more than what is listed however building pages for it all would take a great while.
Financing Available
We utilize StableHost for the hosting of our all of our VPS'. They're also #1 host that we recommend to every one of our clients, friends, and family. For more Web Hosting recommendations, please see our Recommended Hosts page!

StableHost Web Hosting

For EMail hosting we recommend G Suite (Formerly Google Apps and Google for Business).
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