About Us

Portland, Oregon; USA

VNC Web Services was established in 1994 by James Corthell in Portland, Oregon, and was originally created for online restaurant menu management options for a local delivery company.

In September of 2001 VNC Web Services acquired UGN Security to allow users to see a fully maintained service (being the site and content) as well as to breathe some new blood into the site.

In 2012 VNC Web Services acquired UBB.Developers Network, a long established 3rd party development community for the UBB.threads, UBB.Classic, and UBB.eve forum solutions.

In February of 2014 VNC Web Services acquired the Bulletin Board portion of A Gardeners Forum and has since built an entire site around the forum content.

In addition to the above sites, several more since then have been added to the VNC Web Services Network of sites.

Over the years, VNC Web Services has had several core developers (James, Russell, and Justin) and several graphic designers (Samantha, James, Cody, and Mihai), as well as various others to help expedite most requests in a timely fashion.

(Above photo used with permission by Oregon Scenics)

Posted on October 16th, 2016
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