UBB.threads Bounced EMail Processor

I, like many of you, have had my fair share of email bounces; whereby your forum sends notices but you just get a not found error back from their former mail host. After years of dealing with these messages, we set out to find an option of dealing with these users, to stop bounce backs.

UBB.threads can be set to disable sending mail to users, and with the help of some cleaver PHP coding we've devised a method of dealing with users... Our UBB.threads Bounced EMail Processor script.

This script will check your target email address (preferably over an IMAP connection, limited testing has been done over a POP3 connection) and will either generate a list, add users to a group, or just set their mail preferences to not allow communications.

Best of all, we coded this script with the ability for you to set a crontask to automatically run on a schedule; so you could setup Cron to automatically process the mailer bounces whenever you'd like (we'd recommend weekly or monthly checks).

We've packed the script with options:
[*] IMAP/POP3 capable
[*] Generate a list or disable UBB.threads EMails
[*] Delete bounced messages after processing
[*] Process any number of failures per user (you can set it to only process if there have been X amount of bounces for a specific address)
[*] Only filter messages in a specific IMAP folder
[*] Assign bounced users to a group to easily manage them later
[*] Support for SSL connections to your mail server

An upcoming build will also have support for logging all automated tasks to a file on your server.

Order the UBB.threads Bounced EMail Processor today to process your bounced addresses today!

We also offer services to adapt mail processing to any task, not just the UBB.threads system; feel free to Contact Us today to discuss any services that we can offer your community!
Posted on June 15th, 2016

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