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We can provide coding and positioning services for your advertising needs; an example of how this would look can be seen on the A Gardeners Forum [Archive]. If you see a blank AD Island it's because no additional ads could be served by Google Adsense based on the keywords on the page.[/note]

We positioned additional AD Island space (which can all use the same Custom Island code, or could be updated to utilize different Custom Islands for various additional targeting) on:
- The Category Index displays the Custom Island Code after each category, for the first three categories.
- The Thread List displays the Custom Island Code after the Category List and after the Forum List.
- The Thread View page displays the Custom Island Code after the 1st, 3rd, and 5th post.

These additional placement options allowed us to add an additional 7 Adsense blocks across the main pages of the forums (with a maximum of 3 per page, as that's the maximum our account is allowed).

Additional placement could also be made on other portions of the forum coding, such as the Active Topics page, Calendar, FAQ, etc. You can even hide the Custom Island integration and display just your ad (while still being able to manage it through the Custom Island system).

Best of all, these targeting changes (being in the center column), are fully compatible with the UBB.threads v7.6.0 Mobile coding.

If you would like to discuss possible options for your community, Contact Us today!
Posted on April 3rd, 2016


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