UBB.Threads7 - Gallery Forums 101

Introduced in UBB.Threads 7.2, Gallery Forums allow you to designate forums to allow users to post images which appear in a "photo gallery like" display, where there is a central image, and several secondary images for discussion.

Setting Up
A gallery forum is just like any other forum, only it's designated as a photo gallery, it can be in a subforum, or even BE a subforum itself... You can have "Sub-Galleries" if you like as well.

To setup a Gallery Forum:
1. Go to the "Gallery Settings" page and customize the settings to your preferences. Even if you want to use defaults, you'll need to submit the page so that it logs the settings (even the defaults) to your config file.

(to use ImageMagick you will have to set the paths to the ImageMagick binaries in the Paths and Settings page of the control panel to reflect the paths on your server; your webhost will generally provide you with this information)

2. go to your forum settings and add a new forum, fill out all of the information, but select the "tick" from the "is gallery" area. You'll also want to set the "number of images" box to how many images you'll want users to input per posting.

Please note that, at the time of this posting, the img tag cannot be utilized in gallery forums as a measure to keep discussion on topic.

Please also note, that to use ImageMagick, you'll need to insert the IM paths to the "URLs and Paths" page; IM is the recommended image processor.

Using Gallery Forums
Using Gallery Forums are just like using any other forums... However, you can post images too!

After you create your post (subject and post, both required) you can click on the "Image Manager" link. Users may add up to however many images you signify in your setting (default of 3).

Adding images are as easy as:
1. Click "Browse" and a navigation area will appear that shows your computers files, navigate around to locate the image you'd like to upload. Once located, click on the image and select "open"; you can also choose to add a description (note that in v7.2 you do not have the option to change the description once another image is added).

2. If you wish to add another image, repeat step one, otherwise select "done". Otherwise, select "done".

From here, just press submit, and your new "Gallery Posting" should appear for users to comment on your image(s).
Posted on July 29th, 2007


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